DC/OS diagnostic bundle - Split it into smaller chunks

Currently using our Zendesk support portal we have an attachment limit of 20MB

If you have a large log bundle, larger then 20MB, please split the log bundle into smaller chunks using

$ zip existing_large_log_bundle.zip --out new_smaller_log_bundles.zip -s 10M


This will prevent the bundle being stripped from the reply you send to us on the portal.


What is the result of the above command?

This will result in the log bundle in smaller 10MB chunks that will look like this on your commad-line when list your working directory

new_smaller_log bundles.z01
new_smaller_log bundles.z02
new_smaller_log bundles.z03
new_smaller_log bundles.z04
new_smaller_log bundles.z05
new_smaller_log bundles.z06
new_smaller_log bundles.z07

Meosphere Support will then merge the 10MB bundles together again and begin analysis once you attach them to your existing ticket.


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