High CPU Utilization On DCOS Masters

Affected Versions:

  • DCOS <=1.4


  • High CPU utilization on one more more DCOS masters
  • Systemd-journald shows significant CPU utilization.


In certain versions of DCOS, log level INFO and above are logged to console.  Because writes to the system console are slow, journald gets backlogged and CPU utilization increases.

  1. Create the file /etc/systemd/journald.conf.d/dcos.conf on all DCOS masters with the following contents:


  2. Restart systemd-journald:

    sudo systemctl restart systemd-journald

    Note: Restarting systemd-journald could cause the Docker daemon to exit, effectively killing all running Docker containers on the host.

  3. CPU Utilization on the host should be significantly reduced.
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