How can I modify the DCOS template on AWS CloudFormation?

You can change the number of agent nodes, but not the number of masters.

To change the number of agent nodes:

  1. From AWS CloudFormation Management page, select your DCOS cluster and click Update Stack.
  2. Click through to the Specify Parameters page, and you can specify new values for the PublicSlaveInstanceCount and SlaveInstanceCount.
  3. On the Options page, accept the defaults and click Next.
    Tip: You can choose whether to rollback on failure. By default this option is set to Yes.
  4. On the Review page, check the acknowledgement box and then click Create.

Your new machines will take a few minutes to initialize; you can watch them in the EC2 console. The DCOS web interface will update as soon as the new nodes register.

For more information, see Creating a DCOS Cluster For Amazon Web Services 

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