How do I fix this Marathon misconfiguration error?

If you receive this DCOS CLI error:

Error: Marathon likely misconfigured. Please check your marathon port and host settings. URL has an invalid label.


Check that the core.dcos_url parameter is correctly set in your marathon.json file.

  1. Run the dcos config show command and verify that your core.dcos_url value is set to the hostname of your DCOS install instance.
    $ dcos config show
  2. If core.dcos_url is not set to the master hostname of your DCOS install instance, run the dcos config set command. For example:
    When specifying the core.dcos_url parameter, you must prefix your hostname with “http://”.
    $ dcos config set core.dcos_url

Make sure that core.mesos_master_url and marathon.url are not set in your config if you are using the CLI with a DCOS cluster. You can unset these using the dcos config unset command.


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