SDK Framework Triage steps

When a a framework, that has been developed using the SDK, has failed or encountered an issue where tasks are not running as expected, Mesosphere support can diagnose the root cause quicker if the following information is supplied when a ticket is opened. We may require engagement of the framework vendor which we can advise on when we have reviewed the items below.

  1. A description of what is failing, DC/OS version, Framework version number (universe package version)etc
  2. Please take a backup of the --options.json used to deploy the framework
  3. Download all scheduler and executor logs (not log snippets) - see image below
  4. Please collect a full DC/OS log bundle - DC/OS Log Bundle instructions
  5. Get the current state of the deploy and recovery plans as well as the out of:
  • dcos <service> plan show deploy
  • dcos <service> plan show recovery
  • dcos <service> config target
  • dcos <service> pods list
  • dcos <service> plan list


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